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Akers of Strawberries
 Call us at: 850-537-2768
U-Pick Strawberries
You can pick all you want, and you only pay for what you pick.

Akers of Strawberries Menu
At Akers we prepare Strawberry Shortcake fresh every day. Come try any one of our other delicious treats including frozen yogurt, a fresh strawberry sundae or an old fashioned milkshake.
We-Pick Strawberries
Flat of Strawberries (12 pints):  $24.00
Half-Flat (6 pints):     $12.50
Quart:    $4.50
Culled Berries (for making jams/jellies): $1.50/lb
Local Products
Local Honey: $10.00/pint

Local Jams/Jellies: $8.00/pint
Local Jams/Jellies: $6.00/half-pint
Contact Us
For more information, please
Or call 850-537-2768

  Remember we do field trips and birthday parties!!
Frozen Yogurt
Small: $3.00
Large: $5.00
Frozen Treats
Sundae:  $5.25
Shortcake:  $3.50
Shortcake With Yogurt: $4.50
Fountain Drinks & Our Famous Sweet Tea
Large:  $1.75
Refills:  $0.50
Bottle water 1.00

Akers of Strawberries ® 1074 Melton Road, Baker, FL 32531